How Work Was Invented A Century Ago, and Why That Still Limits You Today

The Invention Of Today’s Work

How To Use a Shovel

  1. From now on, no more rules of thumb. Every task has one right way of doing it: the most efficient way. That’s why work should be split up into small, simple and separate tasks — done by different people.
  2. Work should be divided between managers and workers, where managers spend their time planning and training, allowing the workers to perform their tasks efficiently.
  3. Performance should be monitored, and workers should be instructed and supervised to ensure that they’re working in the most efficient way.
  4. Instead of assigning workers to any job, workers should be matched to their jobs based on their capability and motivation, and trained to work at maximum efficiency.

How To Build a Car

How To Be Professional

The Challenge With Today’s Work

But things have changed.

Work changed profoundly, but we still work according to the same principles that were thought out for assembly lines a hundred years ago.

Being Productive

Being Creative & Innovative

Being a Leader

What’s next?



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Marc Vollebregt

Marc Vollebregt

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